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Numero articolo 73000080
Codice a barre 5410093137357
Codice a barre 5410093151728
Nome commerciale del prodotto SAUCE TARTARE VDM 6X1L
Categorie MCOF
Nome del brand Vandemoortele®
Scarica la scheda tecnica

Pezzi per scatola 6
Peso netto scatola (kg) 5,97
peso prodotto 1 L
Lunghezza x larghezza x altezza scatola (m) 0,232 X 0,160 X 0,326 M

Lista ingredienti Rapeseedoil (50%) water; glucose-fructose syrup; vinegar; MUSTARD (3,7%) (water, vinegar, MUSTARDseeds, acid (E330), spice);  EGG yolk from free range hens; salt; onions (1%); modified starch; starch; herbs (CELERY) (<0,5%); thickener (E415); preservative (E202); antioxidant (E385).

For 100 gr Per porzione Assunzione giornaliera raccomandata
Sale 2,4 g 0,72 g 12
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VANDEMOORTELE® is a brand with a rich history in the culinary oil category and therefore it is the expert in culinary oil & vinaigrette products.

It translates its expertise in a wide range of plant based oil products such as frying oils and cooking oils. On top of that it offers a large variety of vinaigrettes. It has become indispensable in the kitchen for many culinary preparations.</p>

<p>As a culinary brand, VANDEMOORTELE<strong>®</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; is continuously launching new recipes. It has a place in the heart of every Belgian food lover.</p>